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FTP Procedures

Please use the following as a guide to perform FTP File transfer to SCI Strategic Content Imaging (our prepress facility).

Contact your Command Web Offset Account Executive for our FTP Address, Username and Password.

It’s advisable to cc: your Command Web Offset Account Executive /CSR or Production Person involved in the project so they know when the files have arrived and will avoid unnecessary premature checking of their arrival.

Using either an FTP file transfer program such as Fetch, or Transmit, go to the SCI, FTP address for uploads or downloads.

Username: enter supplied Username
Password: enter supplied Password
(Use lower case for all to avoid case sensitive problems.)

Always Stuff/Zip Files to protect data and resource forks as well as the file type and creator information. PC files be Zipped (.zip files).

PDF files do not need to be Stuffed or Zipped.


In all cases involving FTP file transfers, you must email or call your Command Web Offset Account Executive/CSR or Production Person detailing the names of the files transferred and the exact location, (folder, subfolder, etc.). Do this after the files have been transmitted so we can confirm receipt.

If you have any problems performing an FTP file transfer using the above instructions please call for assistance.



100 Castle Road
Secaucus, NJ 07096

t: 201.863.8100
t: 212.929.4687
f: 201.863.5443

If you have any questions regarding FTP Procedures please contact your sales representative who will put you in touch with a prepress specialist to provide you with any assistance you may need.