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Preflight Checklist

The following is checklist to help you prior to submitting files

Laser Proofs

  • Laser proofs are submitted.
  • Size of laser proof is 100%.
  • Registration and crop marks are included.
  • Bleeds and trims are applied.
  • Grayscale or B/W color breaks show.
  • Laser Proofs have been examined for potential problems.
  • The latest version is sent to printer, including last-minute corrections
  • Were problems encountered in printing proofs?

Electronic Components

  • Original page layout files/ application files are included as well as the version number.
  • Files are compressed.
  • Files are named appropriately.
  • All linked graphics are included.
  • Links have not been broken by renaming graphics.
  • Graphics files are not nested.
  • Native graphic files are included.
  • Line art is scanned at appropriate DPI.
  • Grayscale and color art are scanned at appropriate DPI.
  • Graphics are not reduced or enlarged in the page layout program.
  • DPI for enlarged or reduced graphics has been adjusted.
  • Scanned images have been converted to object-oriented when appropriate.

Fonts and Text Components

  • Fonts are unaltered, Adobe fonts, both screen and printer fonts are supplied.
  • Fonts are altered! Altered screen and printer fonts are included with job.
  • The name, manufacturer and version number of non-Adobe fonts are listed and screen and printer fonts are supplied to printer.
  • Fonts are being handled in a legal manner.
  • Bold or italic text has been created using the font menu instead of the style menu

Color Considerations

  • Color calibration issues have been discussed with printer.
  • Colors are clearly and correctly defined.
  • Files are provided as CMYK.
  • Spot colors are defined as spot colors, not process colors.
  • Do colors overprint?
  • Copy is provided with color breaks and crop marks included.

PostScript Files

  • PostScript files are provided.
  • Application files are supplied.
  • The issue of responsibility for PostScript files has been discussed with printer.



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If you have any questions or problems performing the Preflight Checklist, please contact your Command Web Offset sales representative or production coordinator for assistance.  They will put you in contact with one of our prepress technicians .